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Thread: THQ Announces Partnership with Marvel

  1. THQ Announces Partnership with Marvel

    A new comic based on NYC real-life heroes and a new game?

    THQ and Marvel announced an agreement which grants THQ with the exclusive rights to a bevy of Marvel's biggest comic/entertainment properties. The all-inclusive relationship grants THQ rights to all classic, TV and film versions of each of the properties for every viable game system including those manufactured by Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, as well as PC through 2007.

    The two companies also announced they will collaborate on the upcoming comic series, The Call. Based on the adventures of real-life heroes in New York City, The Call may feature many of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe such as Spider-Man and the X-Men. The Call is scheduled to make its comic debut in fall of 2003 followed by an interactive debut in spring of 2004.

    The first game under the new agreement is The Punisher (working title) scheduled for release in 2003.

    Source: Press Release

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    Hopefully the licence THQ has get's put to good use.
    Taking it one day at a time.

  3. Yay! Now I'll finally be able to see the Rock and Punisher duke it out! -_-

    pessimistic mode is now off....
    A is for action


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