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Thread: '80's Gaming Magazines

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    '80's Gaming Magazines

    Anyone know any sites with scans of old video game magazines?

    There's plenty of stuff to read about ancient gaming on the internet but I can't seem to find material from actual magazines. The oldest mags I have are from 1988 but it would be cool to read earlier stuff.

  2. No disrespect or anything, but you are really obsessed with old stuff.

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    I'm just as obsessed with new stuff so it evens out.

  4. Originally posted by NeoZeedeater
    I'm just as obsessed with new stuff so it evens out.

    Same here! BTW, I love the Burning Rangers photo in your Sig. Classic!

  5. Old stuff is just as vital to the industry's progression as the new stuff is.
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    Thanks fellow Burning Rangers fan.

  7. You damn kids and your new games. Burning Rangers. PFt. In my day, we played Ignition Factor. And we liked it!!

    Or we pretended we did, at least...

  8. I like to rummage through the poor people shops for old magazines. People always look at me funny.

    I dig the old.

  9. Ignition Factor is beyond awesome. The toxic mine shaft level is just amazing in that game.
    matthewgood fan
    lupin III fan

  10. I was only kidding. IF is a decent game, it was the only older fire fighter game that came to my mind at that moment. I prefer BR myself, though.


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