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  1. Dungeon Siege Hits Stores

    At long last, it has arrived...

    Gas Powered Games and Microsoft have finally released their long awaited role-playing game, Dungeon Siege .

    Developed by Chris Taylor, the creator of Total Annihilation and other award-winning PC games, Dungeon Siege has been in development for over 4 years and has been riding a wave of hype as of late.

    Immersing gamers in a constant (i.e. no loading!) 3-D world, the game allows players to take their character and build him/her up from a humble farmer to a full-fledged warrior, magician, or archer, armed to the teeth with over 1,000 different weapons and 100 spells.

    There will be multiplayer co-operative and battle modes, as well as a multiplayer story mode and a separate quest made just for multiplayer teams to explore. If that weren't enough, a Dungeon Editor is coming out shortly that allows players to generate their own dungeons, spells, and AI sequences.

    After four years in development, Dungeon Siege looks to have been jam-packed with different modes of gameplay, hopefully the legion of Chris Taylor fans will get their money's worth.

    Source: Press Release

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  2. I have a great Mule in this game right now. It even has mana. Mana! On a Mule!



  3. mmmm, mana.....
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