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Thread: Everquest en route to PS2 in Spring 2003

  1. Everquest en route to PS2 in Spring 2003

    In its effort to build an online audience, Sony announces plans to bring its acclaimed online PC title to the PS2.

    The PS2 is about to open an avenue in a very big way, as with yesterday's announcement, Sony Online Entertainment said that it has plans to bring <b>EverQuest Online Adventure</b>, based on the series of PC titles to the PlayStation, due for release next spring.

    Recognized as being one of the biggest financial success stories in the nascent world of online gaming, servicing over 400,000 subscribers paying subscription fees - is there any doubt in anyone's mind that similar success can be achived on a console level?

    Analysts would seem to think so, indicating that this announcement can prove to be advantangeous to Sony, who are looking to push the platform online, but they questioned whether the <i>EverQuest</i> style of gaming will work on a console. For starters, much <i>EverQuest</i> activity centers on online chat, something that won't be possible on the PS2 without an add-on keyboard or voice capability.

    And as anyone who's experienced <i>Everquest</i> can relate, it relies heavily upon typing a lot of stuff, as IDC analyst Schelly Olhava relates "They're going to have to find a way to translate that to the console."

    While Nintendo seems to be taking a back seat, Sony and Microsoft are both, respectively vying for a substantial niche in the online marketplace. SCEA announced last month that by August, a PS2 network adapter, featuring an Ethernet port for broadband Internet connections and a modem for dial up access. It's also been conveyed that there's widespread support among the developers planning to add onlien components to their games - although, no details have been provided (and I am still waiting to hear something on <i>Twisted Metal: Black Online</i>). Microsoft is expected to provide specifics for their online service at the E3 expo next month.

    There are naturally many questions that remain - how will Everquest translate onto the console medium? And how much of the original PC experience will be loss? There will be great expectations as to how the final product ends up.

    Source: CNET News

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    I knew it was only a matter of time. Let's see what comes of this.
    Taking it one day at a time.


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