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Thread: 3D art from a friend

  1. 3D art from a friend

    This is the work of Dak Phoenix, an old friend (or actually a friend of a friend moreso) who I went to HS with. He's made logo's for me in the past, but since he moved to Austin I haven't heard much from him. I decided to check to see if he still updated his site and lo, he does and it's not bad at all.

    It's pretty bandwidth intensive so you dial/up peoples best steer clear lest you want some long loading times.

    I have messed around with 3DS Max for a long time and I still cannot come to grips with it. He and my other pal Vinay took right to it and it's pretty eveident at that site. Vinay's page is no longer up though :/ It was at for awhile.

  2. Wow, that's a great site. Very polished and professional looking. I would have liked to see more organic objects represented, as those are the most challenging, but overall, I'm impressed. I don't see myself reaching that point for quite some time now. The modeling is very refined, overall, but I'm taken with the texturing. He clearly knows the importance of it, and takes care to avoid the programs presets/generators.


  3. That's a cool site...the sounds reminds me of Starcraft

  4. I also bookmarked this page. Simply awe-inspiring.
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  5. It must take infinite amounts of patience to make such detailed 3D objects.
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  6. This one is altogether new to me:

    Nice. The site has been overhauled too which is nice... I like it better. The idea for that style design came from a frined named Vinay... he and I had two divergent ideas for a collaborative creative site... mine was largely 2D and in flash with a style like The Designers Republic and embeded sound (which Dak can loop like nobodys business... I've never found myself enjoying embeded "mp2's" ever... but his site is an exception) from Power Stone 2. Vinay's idea was more like the one Dak uses, his previous designes were more prosaic. I would like to get together with Vinay and Dak again now that I have some know how in other feilds (particularly codeing) so that we could put together a kick ass MOD or something... that and we could catch up on old times and throw down a few. College sucks when it pulls you away from friends.

    Sadly, Dakesn't like lots of games... last I talked to him C&C Red Alert was all he ever played to any extent. Things may have changed since then, it's been long while since I've seen him. He's in Austin and myself and Houston. Even so... I don't think I would know if he was in town anyway.

  7. wow, sweet pic :]
    The site is great as well.


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