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  1. star ocean

    has anyone seen the star ocean anime yet? is it any good? is the story original or based mostly off of the games?

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    I've checked it out. It's based on Star Ocean 2. No word on domestic release yet.
    Taking it one day at a time.

  3. The only PSX rpg I know of, where the max lvl is around 200...

    "Mirror Slice!!!!"

    And about the anime, is there ANY way of importing it now?

  4. i've seen fansubs for rent at my local import/anime shop.....but i'm kinda hesitant to rent it....

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    You can probably get it here.

    Anime on DVD keeps this site on it's main page so I'm assuming it's legit. You can probably check the forums there and make sure.
    Taking it one day at a time.

  6. "Star Ocean EX TV Series"

    It's on DVD & VHS. Just came out around 6 months ago.

    The first DVD cover has Claude on it too, Rena's on the 2nd one. So this confirms it's based off of Star Ocean - The 2nd Story. Sorry if this is a repeat.

    That first link you gave, yes you can buy it there. But it's kinda pricey. I'm gonna try to get it anyway.


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