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Thread: Ebay

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    Maybe some of you will want to partake in this auction..

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    Remember when TNL tried to maintain a single eBay thread? Those were the days.

    ... how much is this guy's reserve on this shit collection? Lucky he's getting $150 for that, Christ.

    It's good to see so many PS2 and SS "imports" on eBay lately, though.

  3. That's not too bad a deal actually. Well, except for the shipping.
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  4. SOCOM is hard to find? I just came across a whole bunch today at Circuit City...
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  5. I think the Socom is the usually Ebay exaggeration bullshit.
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  6. SOCOM seems to be the HARDEST game to come across (with included headset).
    ...really?...and steel battalion is the EASIEST game to come across...

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    Another distinction that could be made is that Steel Battalion is cool and good, while SOCOM is crap.
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  8. Socom is hard to find in certain locations. It's not widely available; in my location we were the only store to have it for like two months. Next month it was Walmart.

  9. blame sony, not the game's popularity (or quality)...

  10. Blaming Sony would solve many issues in the world.
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