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  1. 007 in video games...

    I picked up Nightfire for Xbox today and I'm having a blast. Of all the 007 games I've played, this one has the best presentation. It actually feels like a Bond film. I loved the way it opens, with the traditional Bond intro (the bullseye and all). It even has a theme song! I just wish they had gone all out with the intro; made it a complete song and all.

    It's a much better effort that AUF, although that game was pretty cool. I haven't played Tomorrow Never Dies or The World is not Enough. Are they any good? I enjoyed Golden Eye moderately (just couldn't get into it).

  2. COULDNT GET ONTO GOLDENEYE????? Thats the best one. I couldn't get into any of the other Bond games but I havent played Nightfire yet so maybe this one will be better.

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    Nightfire does look damn good. I will be renting it soon.

    Goldeneye was great although people who don't play PC FPSs tend to overpraise it, I find.

    I played a bit of TWINE and it seemed quite good.

    I was also impressed by Parker Bros.' James Bond game. I used to play it in the early '80's when Compucentre had it on display.

  4. 007 games tend to be more hit-and-miss than most other licensed games. Although the last few have been consistent.
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  5. Goldeneye is the only one I've ever played to the end. I tried a demo of Agent Under Fire and couldn't quite get into it. This Nightfire looks pretty cool though. I'll probably have to give it a rent.

  6. Played the PC demo to Nightfire and feel it's alright. Everything except the horrible, horrible AI is great, but the stupid-as-rocks enemies ruin a lot. I'm also not sure what the hell is going on in the engine, as it has the jumpiest framerate I've ever seen. It literally goes from 2-fps to @40-fps depending on how I look at something. Wierd as hell.
    Originally posted by NeoZeedeater
    I was also impressed by Parker Bros.' James Bond game. I used to play it in the early '80's when Compucentre had it on display.

    Another out of left field old-school reference by NeoZeed. Gotta love it.

  7. Well, I also currently playing NightFire, and I love it. Very stylish, and gets the feel of Bond film just right.

    I'm also a big fan of AUF, that game was extremely fun(I loved shooting and car combat levels).

    Golden Eye was pretty good too, but I havent spent much time with it back in the day.

    As for TND and TWINE, I havent played those.

  8. The console rev of Nightfire (I've only seen and played the Xbox and GC revs) is a very solid, polished title. Smooth, fast, good looking, and fun to play.

    Curiously, the PC rev is an inferior product in almost every way from what little I've seen. PC freaks are much better off sticking to NOLF and NOLF2 for their Bond fix.
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  9. Me and my friends must have played nothing bu Golden Eye for a year straight.

    I can no longer stand to even look at the game let alone play it.


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