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Thread: Bomberman Online for PC - Update: Dwnld NOW!

  1. Bomberman Online for PC - Update: Dwnld NOW!

    Anybody play this? If so how is it? Is it free and web based like Puzzle Bobble Online? I just want a fix over the painfully unreliable and lagtastic B-Man Online for DC. Will it work with dial up?

  2. I think this came out in the states a couple of years ago. Look in software stores for some budget copies.

  3. I believe the one your thinking of is Atomic Bomberman, could be wrong though.

  4. Ah, yeah you're right. ^_^ Found Atomic Bomberman on Amazon.

  5. I downloaded it and it's some sort of non-cel shaded version of the U.S. DC game. Either way I can't figure out how to start a game with it. Is it pay to play or what? O_o

  6. Sounds interesting, but if it's pay to play, I ain't digging it.
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  7. Folks on the GA board say it's free so far. Justin played for 10 minutes and said it was great with zero lag. Wish I could START a game. Heh.

  8. OK, didn't know you have to click on a registration e-mail they send ya. I just got done playing it and it's SWEET. It totally kills DC Bomberman's online servers. Almost zero lag and I'll have to play more but I saw people riding 'roos in the max-weapons map! Download this now!

  9. played it.. really liked it, although it lacks certain features, the core game is a blast.. (sorry)
    MK2 on XBLA plz - let the unfolding of gameplay begin!!

  10. 20 MB, hot damn.
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