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Thread: Looking For Phantasy Star 4 Instruction Manual

  1. Looking For Phantasy Star 4 Instruction Manual

    I just got the game and have no manual. Anyone have one for sale or trade?

  2. Us version right? I may have one, I'll have to check to be sure. Drop me a line at with what you'd be willing to trade/pay for it. I'm 99% I still have it and it is free of bends/damage/etc. If you are interested I'll look for it. Let me know...

  3. Melf,
    If you can't get the manual, pm or email me. I can provide you with an alternative.

  4. King, I emailed ya!

    Jeff, Thanks. I'll email you if need be. I appreciate the help.

  5. Jeff I sent you an email!


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