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Thread: JoWooD Announces Maximum Capacity: Hotel Giant

  1. JoWooD Announces Maximum Capacity: Hotel Giant

    Design your own hotel chain...'nuff said.

    Developer JoWooD has announced that their new hotel simulator, Maximum Capacity: Hotel Giant , will be released this summer.

    Hotel Giant will give players total control over the design of the hotel of their dreams (assuming you dream of this stuff), allowing you to customize everything from carpets to bedding. Choose from over 20 different hotel types, like beach resort or inner city palace, and furnish it from a whopping list of 600 moveable pieces.

    Players will need to manage their hotels as well, and try to increase patronage with TV commercials and marketing schemes. Observe your customers in the bars and lounges and adjust your hotels accordingly; entrepreneurs can check out Maximum Capacity: Hotel Giant later this June.

    Source: Press Release

    Links: JoWooD

  2. Hmmmmm...

    Did they say anything about hiring little hotties in french maid outfits?
    If not, I ain't gettin' down!


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