Take on the medieval Crusades, one heathen at a time.

If you ever stayed awake in 7th grade history class, you know that the Crusades provided some of the best drama and action in medieval Europe. Now all you history buffs can reenact the bloodshed, with Strategy First's Crusader Kings.

Take the role of the Christian monarchies and empires, and command the Knights of St. John, The Teutonic Order, or other butt-kicking paladin types in the name of the Holy Land. Expanding boudaries and winning battles will not be the only goal, as honor and prestige will win you allies and power.

A unique feature will include the ability to load saved games into Europa Universalis II, which uses the same game engine as Crusader Kings, and continue the battles into future centuries.

Look for Crusader Kings this Fall.

Source: Press Release

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