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Thread: Official Canadian Discount Thread

  1. Game Boy Advance Official Canadian Discount Thread

    I know this has been a thread before but I was just wondering where other Canadians on the board go for good videogame bargains?

  2. Uh, where do you live?

  3. EB has a nice deal where you can get $50c back if you buy a PS2, second controller, and a game over $50c. So basically if you buy a PS2 and a controller you can get a free game.

  4. I used to be a Canadian gamer, but no longer! Now I'm a Hawaii gamer instead

    I would always shop mostly at the small independant game shops, since they always had more cool used stuff, smarter people behind the counter, and better prices all round. Microplay stores (in Toronto at least) tended to suck for the most part, except sometimes when they'd make a pricing mistake.

    Used to go to the Starburst arcade auction out in Etobicoke every other month - awesome deals there! (If you can afford to drive home your purchase).

    - Matt

  5. Microplay sucks in Montréal too.

  6. Yeh Microplay sucks major ass. And it seems like big chain stores like Zellers, Walmart, Toys 'R Us, etc. never seem to have good deals on anything either. I checked out a Toys 'R Us when I was in Ottawa yesterday and they had Dreamcast games on sale for like $60! Pffah!

    They've finally opened an EB Games in downtown Montréal which is great since until then there was nowhere decent to buy games downtown. They usually have some good deals.

  7. Go to the Gord's store and kick his ass for all the members on this board :O

  8. Heh, the funny thing is Gords store isnt listed under the name his website calls it. So we can't find Gords store that way.

  9. Originally posted by sggg
    Microplay sucks in Montréal too.
    Ya Microplay is ass here in Hamilton too. But at least most of them are out of business now


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