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Thread: Weird leftovers (56k look out)

  1. Weird leftovers (56k look out)

    ---all images copyright cigsthecat, and the real guy attached to that name.

  2. hahha! oh man, the green alien and amalagated Harry Potter are cool!

  3. you've got a wierd imagination man, I like it. Plus you've got crazy skills the wierd thing is some of these look like 5 minute sketches and they still look dope.

    You certainly have a lot of stuff, I say keep em coming if you got em.

  4. Thanks for the kind words. These are pretty much all just quick sketchbook things. (you'd have to know my friend Gary to really get that one though) I keep meaning to paint that Frosted Foetuses one too. I'll have to get a couple of color things up sometime.

  5. Very impressive, that first one has so much potential to disturb. Great sense of weight on all your characters. *-neo

  6. Thanks Aurora...and of course I've seen I Miss You! I bought Bjork's video compilation just to have it on tape.


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