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Thread: Sequels....

  1. Sequels....

    As I picked up the latest Austin Powers and Men In Black sequels on dvd,I couldn't help but wonder about the movies that never had a sequel but probably should have or would have these days.

    My only examples so far has been Beetlejuice and Tron.Just imagine how many sequels they would have had if only they would have come out a little bit later.Anyone care to offer there suggestions?

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    True Lies, I'd love to see the rumored sequel but I won't hold my breath.

  3. I sense another "cinemania's not getting enough exposure" argument coming on.

  4. Eh,I thought about posting this thread over there but noone hardly surfs over there.I know the ole chicken or the egg thing...whatever.

  5. It'll get moved...

  6. I think there was a thread about this allready at cinemania.
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  7. I'd have liked to see a sequel to Breakfast Club. This one could take place in 2005 with John Bender somehow having turned over a new leaf and becoming a teacher at the high school. JB would be married to Allison Crawford and have a daughter going to there in 9th grade. Johnny Depp (Judd Nelson is the original Bender, but Johnny Depp would be a better choice now IMO) could be cast as JB with Ally Sheedy returning.

    Mr. Vernon would probably be retired, but he could make a cameo appearance driving his grandson to school- who would pretty much be to this one what John Bender was to the first.

    Rather than having Saturday detention be the whole focus of the sequel's story, that could be the first act of BC2 right after a quick "20 years later..." blurb, with the rest of it being played out over a Monday-Friday week. A good prologue would be a quick 2 minute recap of parts of the first BC.

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  8. I'd love to see a Clerks sequel.
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  9. I just found out that they are trying to make another Rocky movie.Talk about a movie series that doesn't need anymore sequels...sheesh.

    What will the title be,"Rocky 6:From Everlast To Depends"?

  10. I've been hearing the stories making the rounds that Tron is getting a sequel. I know that there's a Tron 2.0 game coming out (and it seems to be the same thing as the address on the Tron 20th anniversary DVD), but I don't know where there's any actual confirmed information.

    (On a side note, the Tron 2.0 displays at E3 were pretty cool... they had the demo machines set up in displays shaped like light cycles.)
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