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    Just finished watching it and I don't 100% understand the plot. Could someone please explain it? I don't think it was all that good to be honest, nothing truly memorable. Is it by the same guys who did Blood TLV? That was another very average film IMO.

  2. There are three other threads about Jin-Roh...
    pwned by Ivan

  3. It was Little Red Riding Hood.

    Thats all I remember. I need to watch it again.

  4. Fell asleep after the first half, can't help you out Sidez, sorry

    Go watch Perfect Blue, it will wash away the bad aftertaste of those two movies
    - Kabuki

  5. I thought it was very good. I liked the story, it had some dark twists, and I loved not so happy ending.

    What exactly confused you?

  6. It was Little Red Riding Hood.
    this was pretty much the plot. but with killing and suicide bombers. but like despair said... what confused you ?

  7. Mainly the way they tried to set him up yet (not 100% sure why) and then the hunters became the hunted.

    kabuki i've already seen Perfect Blue, great film. I watched Metropolis last night and that was awesome.

  8. i think it was something like they wanted to get rid of the entire wolf brigade because it seemed like fuse was breaking apart from the group because of all the dirty government crap.

    i could be totally off though, it's been a while since i saw the film last.

  9. Well, Wolf Brigade, was doing good job for goverment fighting rebels, but later one, when rebel forces were almost diminished, and press turned on the goverment, and its ruthless actions, they wanted to get rid of Wolf Brigade, but needed a precedent. So they saw behaviour Fuse was displaying after the suicide bomber event, so they made up a plan for him to meed a supposedly rebel contact, and then catch them in action, and blame Wolf Brigade in treason, and bring them down.

    But Wolf Brigade commander, had his own ideas for the Politics, and power play. He put Fuse to participate in the set up, but then turned the table on the hunters, as the Goverment Team was slaughtered in the sewers. Also, as it was explained, since the girl knew about the set up plot, she became invaluable asset in the game of politics, dead or alive. But since they couldnt risk her getting caught back by goverment agents, she had to die.

    Thus bringing us to the bleak ending. And Fuse was truly a Wolf in Human Clothes. He knew about everything, yet he didnt convey anything to the girl or people who surrounded him.

  10. i was pretty close.


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