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Thread: Goblin Merchant and Nimba the Summoner

  1. Goblin Merchant and Nimba the Summoner

    Here are two concept sketches for a project we are working on.

  2. I like the parchment effect . Both characters are cool, the second one reminds me a bit of Gully from BattleChasers, but not alot. She has a badass staff/mini-scythe.

    The seedy goblin merchant drawing definately fits the character well.

  3. Wow, lots of good work tonight. They're both well done, especially the faces.

  4. Yay! Good to see you guys back!
    Awesome fantasy work, simply beautiful linework and character design. I really like the Nimba one. Also neat effect with the parchment paper. Keep it up!

  5. Do you do this proffessionally? If not, you should. you're definately good enough.

    Thats excellent stuff there. I especially like the second one.

    Whats the project? An RPG?

  6. Re

    What's the project??? Can't's a secret.

    BTW, we're not pros. Never done anything in the biz.


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