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Thread: Generator Gawl

  1. Generator Gawl

    Whaddyall think?

    Satoshi Kon: 1963-2010

  2. I must admit, everything I ever read about this one made it sound like absolute crap <regular story write-ups, not reviews mind you>, but the previews are pretty is it???

    Is this another gem thats being totally slept on <ahem...Now and Then....cough...Here and There...ack, Oh excuse me>.

    Whats the science Slartibart???


    <last time, I promise>

  3. I thought it bit.

    Like you, I had thought it was intriguing, so I rented the first volume. Yeek.

    Frustrating because the concept is so good, but it's got an uninvolving storyline & uninteresting animation (i.e. good but could have been better), but the worst crime was the crappy transfer and overall poor quality.

    Flee from it at all costs.

    heh heh - Slarti's got more fjords to work on:

    "I've got glaciers poised to roll over Europe!!!"

    Satoshi Kon: 1963-2010

  4. Thanks for the heads up!



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