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Thread: A drawing I did today at work...

  1. A drawing I did today at work...

    Here is something I did at work today. There was no underlying pecil sketch, I used a pilot ball point pen only. Kind of trial by fire, & you can see a few mistakes, but like I said, I did this in my free time at work today.

    It is Amhara man from an old National Geographic picture that I looked at.
    **Edit** That was coming up WAY too big to be here, just click on the link.


  2. Great stuff JM, I really like the cross hatching work. That must have taken a while!

  3. Don't you have WORK to do at work ? j/k

    Nice work... a far cry from the effort I put into my workday doodles. hehehe

  4. Hey thanks guys.

    I was uploading a lot of stuff over our network, & I had a good bit of free time while waiting. I did it in little chunks that probably add up to a hour or so.


  5. Looking at it makes my hand and wrist hurt, I totally dig the style but dreaded doing it when I was in school. Very cool indeed. I would critique it, but I can't find anything I don't like. If this only took you an hour then I'd say you most definately should be in the comics industry or something. I don't know what you do for a living but you're an awesome illustrator.

  6. Why thank you very much Jester. I will be posting some more drawings & a painting or two soon, I just need to get pictures taken. I hope you like them too.


  7. You did this at work?Whoa,it looks cool awesome!!


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