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Thread: Wanted: Saturn stuff

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    Wanted: Saturn stuff

    I'm looking for some Saturn stuff. Such as:

    Sega import/US 2nd gen controller
    Sonic R
    Super Puzzle Fighter 2
    4-in-1 cart or any other cart type thing that lets you play imports

    That's all I can think of now. Thanks!

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    TheSCHLONG! Guest
    i have an extra PAR (no Ram functions tho), a copy of Sonic R (disc only, in playable condition and i may have the controller youre looking for. $25 for all three if you want.

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    Sorry, I was hoping for the cases and such with the games.

    However, I'm interested in the cart and the controller (if it's the right one). What do you think a reasonable price for these two would be? Maybe $15?

    a picture of the controller I'm looking for can be seen here. NOT this.

  4. I have a Sealed Puzzle Fighter if you are interested...e-mail me an offer......

  5. I got 2 of the japanese style controllers if you're interested.

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    Salt Peanuts: Is this copy import or domestic? Do you think $25 shipped is a reasonable price?

    And Tojo...
    How much would you be willing to sell those controllers for? If TheSHLONG! does in fact have the correct controller, I'll only need one of those.

    Thanks everyone for the feedback; much appreciated.

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    TheSCHLONG! Guest
    yuppers, i got one of those controllers. $15 sounds good if you still want the PAR also. remember it doesnt have the RAM ability. also, just like all the other carts you sometimes have to work with it to get it to work. for some reason after a while the connectors dont fit right in the saturn slots and you have to almost do the old NES wiggle tricks to get them to work.

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    Is the controller in good condition (firm buttons and d-pad, not sticky)?

    If it is, e-mail me at so we can seal the deal.

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  10. I have a copy of Sonic R, US, complete. Let me know if you still want it.


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