The first of many publisher announcements has officially begun. Details inside...

As we draw closer to what certainly will be one of the best E3 events to date, publishers big and small are gearing up with their planned lineup. Titus Software released an outline of its 2002-2003 lineup, featuring a diverse selection of action-adventure, racing, among other genres.

TNL will be sure to report its impressions when we hit the scene May 22-24. Don't miss it!

<ul type="square">

<li>Downforce PS2/GBA: May 7, 2002
<li>Top Gun Firestorm Advance GBA: May14, 2002
<li>Barbarian PS2: May 28, 2002
<li>Top Gun Combat Zones GC: Summer 2002
<li>Lotus Challenge (Virgin Interactive) XBOX: August 20, 2002
<li>Sgt. Cruise XBOX: Q2 2003
<li>Barbarian GC/GBA/XBOX: TBA
<li>Falcone: Into the Maelstrom (Virgin Interactive) XBOX: November 15, 2002
<li>Falcone: Into the Maelstrom (Virgin Interactive) PS2: December 30, 2002
<li>UFO Freedom Aftermath (Virgin Interactive) PC: Fall 2002 Showed Privately
<li>Tankers PS2/GC: Q4 2002 Showed Privately
<li>Sgt. Cruise PS2: Fall 2002
<li>Kao the Kangaroo 2 XBOX/PS2/GC: Q4 2003 Showed privately
<li>Safari Joe: The Dark Continent XBOX/GC: Q4 2003 Showed privately