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Thread: Anybody need controllers?

  1. Anybody need controllers?

    Ok, here's the scoop. After fifteen years of console gaming i have collected more stuff than i can handle seeing laying around my house. I have a collection of controllers that rivals most, and thats not bragging. Lets start off with the one handed Playstation controller made by Ascii. Then lets go to any number of Playstation controllers, including another one by Ascii with a buncha extra features. SNES, omg, too many SNES controllers, you name it i bet i have it, along with the original six button arcade box made for Street Fighter 2. I paid $100 for that back in 92 when the game came out. On to Genesis, you name it, including a six button Ascii pad. Hmm, anyways just give me a idea, guys, i even have a four player tap for the SNES (Bomberman was so fun). I have a DuoTap also if anyone is interested. Pro Action Replay for SNES, along with a Game Genie for that system. Gheez, it makes me sick thinking of all that stuff, take some of it off my hands, thanks. Oh and a 4 mb memory deal for the Saturn, the one that goes in the slot.

  2. just a quick you have any DC arcade sticks? I'm looking to score on two.
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  3. Nope, dont own a DC. Got tons of SNES,PS, and Genesis controllers though. My controller buying days are coming to a close. Get em while they are still available!

  4. I want the DuoTap, how much?

  5. I just got a PS2 and I'm looking for a second player controller. Have any that would fit the bill? How well do PSX controllers work on the PS2?

    Also need a PSX memory card...

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    K3V is awesome!

  6. They work good, actually they are kinda comfortable after playing with the big ps2 controller. I think could do a regular controller and a memory card for $10, plus a couple bucks for shipping. I wanna keep one regular controller for my own use. I have a nice Ascii controller with turbo buttons for every button. Also have the one button controller i mentioned still for the PS made by Ascii. Let me know.

  7. how much for the DuoTap?

  8. Check your PM's, i sent you one.

  9. You've got email Farfus

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    K3V is awesome!

  10. Got the controller and memory card yesterday, in great shape. Thanks!

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    K3V is awesome!


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