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Thread: NGE_Freek's X-mas sale!

  1. NGE_Freek's X-mas sale!

    Gameboy Advance:
    Megaman Zero (basically untouched, as mint as it gets without being new) $18
    Robotech: The Macross Saga (100% complete with all but 2 characters, free mini-figure) $20

    Nintendo 64:
    Wave Race 64 (import, mint, complete) $12
    Snowboarding Kids box (import, comes with everything but cart) $free
    Conker's Bad Fur Day (complete, Mint) $12
    Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth (former rental) $8
    Aero Gauge (complete, import) $10
    Dezaemon 64 (complete, mint, build your own shooter on the n64) $50

    Silhouette Mirage (Case, Disk, Instructions, minty) $8
    Wipeout 3 (disk, case, instructions) $8
    Raycrisis: Series Termination (Disk, case, instructions) $8
    Shooter Starfighter Sanvein (complete, minty) $3

    PC Engine:
    Legendary Axe (complete, untested) $7
    Fighters Megamix (complete) $7

    ShenMue Chapter 1 (import, complete) $10
    Shutoku Battle (import, complete) $8
    Chu Chu Rocket (import, complete) $5
    Red Dog (complete, mint) $8

    Sega Saturn:
    GT 24 (complete) $12
    Virtua Fighter 1 and 2 pack (VF1 case with VF1 and 2 inside) $15
    X-Men vs Street Fighter (Super deep scratches, no back insert, plays) $10
    Sonic Jam (Disk only) $10
    Tempest 2000 (disk only) $8
    Rayman (disk only) $5

    Sega Genesis:
    Columns III (mint, complete) $15
    Revenge of Shinobi (complete) $8
    Jewel Master (complete) $7
    Golden Axe II (complete) $8
    Vectorman 2 (complete) $5
    Earth Defense (possibly the worst game, ever. Cart only) $3
    Ranger X (cart only) $4
    Thunderforce II (cart only) $5

    Primal Rage (cart only) $5
    Knuckles Chaotix (cart only) $5
    Star Wars Arcade (cart only) $4

    Mega Drive:
    Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (no manual) $12
    Dahna (complete) $10
    Golden Axe III (no manual) $25

    Strategy Guides:
    Super Metriod Official Players Guide (Good condition) $12
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Guide (Bradygames) $3
    Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen (Prima) $10
    X-men vs Street Fighter Guide (Prima) $3

    Cosplay Encyclopedia (mint, watched once) $10
    Burn-Up W (mint) $10

    Music CD:
    Daft Punk Discovery Import (Leiji (sp? the galaxy express 999 guy) artwork slipcover, sealed) $25

    Here's some stuff my friend is trying to get rid of, so feel free to throw out some offers:
    Sakura Diaries Collectors DVD set
    Mail-Away Lunar: SSSC Working Deisgns poster
    Galaxy Fraulien Yuna 3 (saturn)
    Box of Animayhem cards
    Rinoa FF8 Figure
    Mahoromatic Maid 2-DVD set
    7 inch Chun-Li figure

    Let me know if your interested in anything on my list. I'm not limited to just sales, trades are welcome.


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    I call dibs on Knuckles Chaotix!

    Is the Sonic Jam disc in at least fairly good condition? Also, what kind of payments do you take?
    Quote Originally Posted by EvilMog View Post
    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  3. I want:

    - Dahna
    - Golden Axe 3
    - 7' Chun Li figure

    We can work out a deal for Tempo and the Mission Stick if you'd like. PM me to work out details.

  4. Gohan - THe disk isn't in terrible condition by any means, but its got your 'normal' wear and tear, the game doesnt skip or anything, plays just fine.

    I accept Money orders since I don't have PayPal or whatever that thing is.

    Melf - Alrighty, I'll PM ya with details.

  5. Re: NGE_Freek's X-mas sale!

    I'd like a picture of that Rinoa figure if I could. I am interested.

  6. I'll get right on that.

    I don't have the figure in front of me, but I'll find you a pic of it online and post it here.

    EDIT: Here ya go:

    This just in, Sealed Lynx games coming soon!

  7. I wouldn't mind that Super Metroid guide. Is there any way you can get picks of it, or at least describe the condition that it's in?

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    I'll take Chaotix, I'll have to think about Sonic Jam, there's a good chance I'll be getting the Sonic Mega Collection for christmas...

    I'm also very interested in any Lynx games you may aquire.
    Quote Originally Posted by EvilMog View Post
    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  9. Tojo - Here's a scan of the back, its the worse of the 2 sides, and has an old price sticker on it. The front is in much better condition.

    GohanX - Thats cool. Either way, Sonic Jam still has the cool Sonic Museum stuff that I don't know if present in the Sonic Mega Collection.
    Here's a list of my Lynx Games: (sealed unless noted)
    Chip's Challenge
    Steel Talons
    Switchblade II
    Crystal Mines II
    Rampart (non-sealed, complete, good condition)
    Shadow of the Beast (No game, everything else)

    I'd like to get $5 a pop for 'em.

  10. Gohan - still interested in these Lynx games?


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