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Thread: Sega Saturn package for sale

  1. Sega Saturn package for sale

    i have a system in excellent condition (2nd generation with round buttons and no access light) with A/V cable and power cord;
    2 original Sega brand controllers (newer Japanese style/shape)
    1 3d analog controller (nights controller)
    PAR cart for playing imports, also has cheats and save game backup
    Street Fighter Alpha II - with case and instructions
    World Series Baseball 98 - with case and instructions
    Panzer Dragon Zwei II - with case and instructions
    Bust A Move III - with case and instructions
    Nights into Dreams - with case and instructions
    Christmas Nights demo from UGP
    Sega Rally - with case and instructions
    3 pack that came with the system, these do not have cases
    Virtua Fighter 2
    Virtua Cop
    Daytona USA

    all the games are in excellent/good condition, very minor scratch on a couple, nothing that affects gameplay.
    i love this system, but i need the $$
    please make an offer, i would really like to sell it to one person as a package.
    send a PM or e-mail me at
    if you need feedback, my EBAY id is "gturoczi" and i have done numerous trades on this board as well as GameGO!

    ps: i may throw in a GameGear with all sorts of extras, in good shape with games if a good offer comes through.

  2. *bump*

    anyone? someone? maybe?

    i need $$ for a Gamecube, come on! raise your hands! : )

  3. I'm really interested in this, and I even emailed you on it, if you didn't see it mail me at
    It's a mirror image!

  4. hmm, i have not seen an e-mail, what address did you send it to? or was is a PM on the board?
    you can reach me at or

  5. Well looks like we got everything taken care of, talk to me if the other guy doesn't reply back, thanks though .
    It's a mirror image!

  6. you got mail!

  7. I've wanted a saturn for so long, thanks plik .
    It's a mirror image!


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