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Thread: how much will you pay for these import titles?

  1. how much will you pay for these import titles?

    (all games in perfect condition unless otherwise noted)
    -bangaioh for the japanese nintendo 64
    -frame gride for japanese dreamcast
    -mario tennis for japanese nintendo 64
    -bushido blade for japanese playstation
    -powerstone for japanese dreamcast

    if you are interested send me a private message or reply to this post. thanks for reading.

  2. updated

    i updated this and changed the name

  3. Would you do trades for Bangaioh?

  4. sorry, im only interested in paypal and money orders. im about to go to college and need money. thanks for reading though.

  5. so how much money will you pay for these?

  6. Haven't you listed these exact same games multiple times already?

  7. its within the same post, just edited the title to reflect how the deals were being handled and added frame gride, fan boi.

  8. Boi?

    Are you a 14 year old girl?
    What the hell?

  9. it's Avril Lavigne!
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  10. On a related note, I found my old sig today:


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