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Thread: G4 TV Network goes live soon

  1. G4 TV Network goes live soon

    24-hours of gaming network is coming in 2 weeks

    Cable television network G4 has announced their tentative programming schedule, dedicated exclusively to videogames. G4 has created 13 original entertainment and informational series featuring everything for gamers. Comcast Cable and Insight Communications cable systems are set to carry G4, with additional distribution to be announced soon. The 13 weekly series are:

    ARENA -- A digital sports highlights show with play-by-play commentary featuring competitors in the hottest multi-player games. Wil Wheaton of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and Travis Oates bring you the excitement.

    PLAYERS -- Host Dorothea Coelho talks games with celebrities from film, TV, music and sports in their homes, trailers, tour buses and locker rooms.

    FILTER -- Hosted by Diane Mizota, G4's video game countdown show features viewer-generated top ten lists you won't find anywhere else, including game play, viewer polls and gamer-on-the-street commentary.

    ICONS -- Original profiles, interviews and histories of the people, characters and companies that have shaped today's computer and video game landscape.

    GAME ON -- Co-hosts Matt Gallant and Randy Kagan compete head-to-head in a series of game-related stunts as they journey cross-country in search of great games and great arcades.

    CINEMATECH -- Showcasing the very best of today's high-end digital art and storytelling in game cinematics and trailers.

    BLISTER -- Hosted by Bill Sindelar, Blister gives viewers the lowdown on action and adventure games, featuring reviews, previews and interviews with designers, developers and hardcore gamers.

    CHEAT! -- Solve that tough puzzle or find that hidden level with tips and tricks from the biggest cheat on TV -- host Cory Rouse.

    PORTAL -- Host Cybernaut Dave Meinstein explores the fantasy-laden virtual worlds of massively multiplayer online games.

    PULSE -- G4's weekly news show for gamers, Pulse is up-to-the-minute, late-breaking and wired in. Before it's in the game, it's on the air.

    SWEAT -- From spring training to sudden death overtime, a highly competitive look at today's top sports games. Hosted by Ronnie Lewis.

    JUDGEMENT DAY -- G4 game gurus Victor Lucas and Tommy Tallarico give us their highly opinionated takes on the latest games.

    G4TV.COM -- An interactive talk show where hosts Scot Rubin and Tina Wood chat with G4's web audience and viewers to find out what's really on gamers' minds.

    If your cable company won't be carrying G4 you can send them an email (or other form of communication) from G4's website.

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    Source: XenGamers

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    Yes. I hope Dish networks get's it. Tech TV will have some competition for my time.
    Taking it one day at a time.

  3. GAME ON -- Co-hosts Matt Gallant and Randy Kagan compete head-to-head in a series of game-related stunts as they journey cross-country in search of great games and great arcades.
    they might hit up NYC, which means CF, Broadway City, possibly Lazer Park and even BarCode will get some air time. good stuff.

  4. Re: G4 TV Network goes live soon

    ARENA -- Weak

    PLAYERS -- Ultra Weak. Like I care what the Rock supposedly plays in his trailer. F this show.

    FILTER -- Lets hear from the idiot masses. I have a feeling most gamers "off the street" will have little to no clue.

    ICONS -- I am excited about this. Sounds good.

    GAME ON -- Could be good. I will take a wait and see attitude on this one.

    CINEMATECH -- Could be good, if handled the right way. If its all CG movies, I won't be able to take it.

    BLISTER -- Sound interesting.

    CHEAT! -- Kill me. Super lame.

    PORTAL -- I don't ever want to watch this.

    PULSE -- The bread and butter. If they can do this right, like the sportscenter of gaming, this will carry the network.

    SWEAT -- Ugh. Do we really need a show devoted to just sports games?

    JUDGEMENT DAY -- Could be good, maybe just for laughs though.

    I'll watch them all at least once, but I have a bad feeling about this network as a whole. I'll give it less than one year before its off the air.

  5. And where is the Graveyard/OldSchool games show?

    Or the fighting games show?

    There are too many more for me to name which I bet will never see the light of day.

    Another outlet to cater specifically to casual gamers and young children *SIGH* -_-

  6. While i am doubtful about whether this network is gonna float, I am sure that a more diverse programming lineup would be added should it take off....

    A hardcore show?
    A retro show?
    A weekly block where they show gaming related movies and anime?

    it might be cool...

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    As for me I hope it does well. If they play their cards right they can really crank up things in the area of game tourneys. It would be cool to be able to enter a televised fighter tourney.
    Taking it one day at a time.

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    Neat. I just hope DirecTV picks it up. TechTV is ultra-lame, so I may finally have some TV shows I actually make time to watch (other than wrestling and The Job, I intentionally sit down and watch about zero TV).

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    Tech TV has gone downhill as of late. First no more Internet Tonight, and now Silicon Spin is gone. All that's left is Tech Live, The Screen Savers, Call For Help, Extended Play, and maybe CyberCrime.
    Taking it one day at a time.

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    I used to watch TechTV nearly religiously when it first launched (back when it was ZDTV), but after I while I started to realize just how fanboyish most of the hosts are (they may as well have called it the WE LOVE LINUX! network), and how amateurish the tech stuff was. I don't consider myself that adept and knowledgeable with computers (I was much more back then), but just about every single question that was brought up on The Screen Savers I knew the answer to off the top of my head.


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