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Thread: Fox Interactive Announces Aliens vs. Predator Exp. Pack

  1. Fox Interactive Announces Aliens vs. Predator Exp. Pack

    The bitch is back!

    While thousands of fanboys conjure up images of what-could-be if an Aliens vs. Predator movie were made a reality, Sierra Entertainment and Fox Interactive bring PC players the next best thing: <b>Aliens vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt Expansion Pack</b>. The ability to play as 3 different characters (marine, alien and predator) was the unique highlight of this first-person shooter, first developed in 1999. All three make the return, and they're accompanied by some lovely surprises.

    Anyone who has played one of the <i>Aliens vs. Predator</i> games can attest to the atmospherically intense and genuinely frightening sensation these games evoke. Walking through claustrophobic corridors while being hunted by Aliens always results in a change of pants…at least for me. Well, get those pants ready because developer Third Law is simply not satisfied with creating some crappy expansion pack only hardcore <i>AvP</i> junkies can get into.

    The plethora of new material designed by Third Law is quite amazing for an "expansion" pack. Check this out: New weapons designed specifically for the marine and predator (no new teeth for the alien-ha!); two all new creatures that I'm sure will inflict horrible death upon us; nine new single player levels; four new multiplayer levels; and, of course, all the patches and updates issued since AvP2. Not too shabby, huh?

    The story sounds extremely intriguing, though I won't spoil any of it. Apparently many questions will be answered for longtime fans returning to the series. Coming this July for a measly 19.99, the only question you have to ask yourself is - lights on or off?

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  2. Luckily, Gap is having a sale on boxers this week...

    Hopefully we can use the dropship in this game...stay frosty...
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