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Thread: Titus Ships Virtual Kasparov for GBA

  1. Titus Ships Virtual Kasparov for GBA

    Stuff the smart, surly Slav into your shorts!

    Titus recently released Virtual Kasparov for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. The chess title, named for and licensed by the former world chess champion, features the full complement of kings, queens, bishops, knights and rooks, as well as a bevy of pawns, in both black and white.

    In addition, Virtual Kasparov features 31 Virtual opponents, which, when defeated, will unlock a match with Kasparov. Running on the Virtual Chess engine, the game also includes extensive tutorials, an opening library, and walkthroughs of famous matches commented by the champion himself.

    There's no word on whether Virtual Kasparov features a "Deep Blue" mode.

    Source: Press Release

  2. I want to play against Deep Blue... that would be really cool and probably really short. I find it funny that after being so infuriated with his loss to a computer that he would lend his name to Computerized Chess. Guess he's not that bitter afterall.



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