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Thread: A Little Mario (anti) Art

  1. A Little Mario (anti) Art

    I hesitate to put this up, but I figure it'd do me good to get some criticism from people that don't know me enough to give pause about hurting my feelings.

    Mario pic
    Anyway, this was a pic I did for a guy's birthday. He loved the pic, and so did I, but it seems to lose a little something in the scan. For one, it's extremely rough. While it's charming in the original, I don't like it in the scan.
    For two, it's missing the boarders, which gave it a little more character.
    Ah well, no making excuses for myself. It's out of my hands. :3 The main thing is, the person I made it for was happy.
    Still, I'd like some harsh critisicm from anyone and everyone that cares to look. If it doesn't look like I did something intentionally, fire away. I do a lot of strange things intentionally (notice that I ignore the rules of linear perspective), but if it looks wrong, it looks wrong.

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    Andy787 Guest
    Wow, that's really impressive I like the style a lot, the colors and everything go together really well

  3. Finch, I want to have your babies!

    Well no, not at all actually, but I figured I'd try and distract you before getting to the harsh criticism, like how nurses do before giving needles.

    That said, I think you described it best yourself when you said some things might not look like they were done intentionally, which to me they don't. I wish I could give more specific examples, but really it's just something that permeates the whole piece. To me it just seems as though your usual flair for wonderfully oddball composition just did not lend itself to this one.

    I do wish I could see the original, though, as I'm sure my opinion would change upon seeing it in person.

  4. Woot, Finch is posting art again!
    This is a very unique piece. I really dig the style. It seems like a perfect piece for a Mario game! I hope you continue posting art Finch!

  5. ^^ Thanks for the comments! > Although, no one was that harsh... But that's okay. There'll be another chance to tell me that I shouldn't ever touch a pencil or brush to paper.

    Andy787- ^^ Glad you like it. I think the colors are my favorite part... but they were, for the most part, supplied by Mr. Miyamoto. :3

    Mode7- ;3 No need to hold back. It doesn't do me much good to tell people that the real thing looks better when the scan is all I can show. Anyway, I appreciate the input. I'm still looking for that balance between spontaneous and um... the ring in the horses mouth.

    Wildcat- Mario seems strangely absent from most fanart, unless it's going to Nintendo Power or Mario being castrated. Maybe I'll do some more some time. I do have some work that I should get back on Monday that I'll try to scan.

    Andyrose- That's probably part of it. I think another part is that my war against Phillipo Brunaleschi (linear perspective) is taking more out on me than anything. I do wish I'd made Bowser's silhouette a little more apparent. If anyone caught that in the scan, I'd be surprised.


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