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Thread: Anime R1 DVDs__N64, PS2, Saturn imports__GBA, SNES domestic (UPDATED)

  1. Anime R1 DVDs__N64, PS2, Saturn imports__GBA, SNES domestic (UPDATED)

    UPDATED SALE! N64, PS2, Dreamcast, and Saturn imports__N64, PS2, GBA, SNES, Genesis domestic games__Macross II cd, Anime DVDs, more!

    Everything is used but in perfect mint condition, unless noted.
    All prices include shipping costs.
    If you buy more than one item, the overall price will be lower because I can ship them together, reducing costs.
    If you don't like my prices, make me an offer!
    I accept Post Office Money Orders - no Paypal, sorry.

    Anime R1 DVD (US domestic):
    Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz - Special Edition __$10__
    Silent Mobius volume 1 __$20__ (contains the first 9 episodes of the series)
    Blue Submarine No.6 - Toonami Movie version __$10__ (entire two hour series spliced into a movie)
    NightWalker volume 1 (of 2) __$12__ three hours of horror anime
    NightWalker volume 2 (of 2) __$10__ three more hours of horror anime (chipped case, paper cover behind the plastic is a tiny bit damaged at the very bottom)

    Anime soundtrack CDs (US domestic):
    Macross II soundtrack Volume 1 __$15__ (bar code sticker on back but easily removable)

    Live Action R1 DVD (US domestic):
    High School Ghosthustlers __$10__ (like an erotic version of Ghostbusters where cute Asian girls fight off erotic spectres and other monsters)

    Nintendo 64 games (JPN import):
    Yuke! Yuke! Troublemakers __$50__ (Japanese version of Treasure's Mischief Makers. Absolute pristine condition)

    Playstation 2 games (JPN import):
    Unison __$20__ (JPN version contains the original soundtrack, not the songs heard in the US version)
    Bikkuri Mouse __$20__ (quirky draw and paint game)

    Saturn games (JPN import):
    Linkle Liver Story __$10__ (no spinecard, case front cracked but easily replaceable)

    Game Boy Advance games (US domestic):
    Golden Sun __$20__

    Super Nintendo SNES games (US domestic):
    ** cart only **
    Battle Clash __$4__
    Mario Paint __$3__
    NHLPA Hockey __$1__

    Nintendo NES games (US domestic):
    ** cart only, can't guarantee that they work **
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit __$1__
    Home Alone __$1__
    Magic Johnson's Fast Break __$1__
    Kings of the Beach __$1__
    NES Play Action Football __$1__

    ***Sakura Taisen 3 art book and walkthrough guide __$15__ (tons of artwork, screenshots, and a complete walkthrough for the game. All in Japanese, but a nice book for the Sakura Taisen 3 fan)

    *** indicates items that are being held for someone and are pending sale.

    - Kabuki

  2. Here are some pictures to go along with a few of the items. I apologive for the random fingers in a few of the pics The book was hard to keep open!

    Sakura Taisen 3 book:

    High School Ghost Hustlers DVD:

    Thanks cka for the great thumbnail tag!

    - Kabuki

  3. I'd really like that Sakura Taisen 3 book.

    $15 +, or icludig shippig? Just to e clear.
    Quote Originally Posted by Drewbacca View Post
    There is wisdom beyond your years in these consonants and vowels I write. Study them and prosper.

  4. You were right, it is more of a guide than an artbook. Sorry, I'll pass on this one. updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  5. Captain Vegetable, check your PMs. Also, that price includes shipping costs.

    Lordmrw, sounds good. Glad I posted the pics before you got something you didn't want

    - Kabuki

  6. Silpheed is sold.
    Sakura Taisen 3 book and State of Emergency are pending.
    - Kabuki

  7. #7
    Them Ghosthustlers look mighty fine.

  8. Updated the list of stuff I am selling, lots of items added!

  9. PMed you..........

  10. The Lost Golem, and Klonoa 2 are fucking MINE if you haven't sold them.

    email me to sort out the details:
    Boo, Hiss.


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