looking to get rid of a few odds and ends. Shipping is $3.85 for priority or media rate by the ounce (ex: 16oz is $1.40). I combine shipping as well.

PLAYSTATION- $5 apiece, all games complete:

Fade to Black
Colony Wars Vegenance (crack in CD case)
Parasite Eve
Soul Reaver
G-Police: Weapons of Justice


Night Raid $40- Takumi shooter based on Gnet hardware, mint cond/spine

Moon Cresta $10- Space Invader style game with three stage rocket mint/spine

Tall Infinity $12- 3D on 2D plane puzzle game. You match blocks to construct a tower before time expires and it collapses. Nice music mint/spine

Pocky and Rocky SNES $8- complete, minor box wear, manual is mint, game cart has heavy label damage.

Super Monkey Ball Jr GBA $20- mint, plastic still around box.

Keio 2 Import Saturn $45- great shape/spine card. Great looking platformer.

Also here's a few titles I'm looking for (complete)-

Marvel Land (Gen)
Grind Stormer (Gen)
Whip Rush (Gen)
Arcus Oddessy (Gen or SNES)
Dream Probe (SNES)
Super Turrican 2 (SNES)
Hagane (SNES)
Chew Man Fu (Turbo)
Super Air Zonk (Turbo US)
Beyond Shadowgate (Turbo)
Jackie Chan (Turbo)
Bomberman 93 (Turbo)

Thanks! *-neo