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Thread: Melf's Friendly Trader Thread

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Melf View Post
    A Robot Bit Me was really cool about his purchase, even after the PO lost his money order.
    I'm pretty sure I never cashed that reimbursement cheque. I've also since had another parcel go rogue on me courtesy of the USPS. Someday I'll learn...

  2. Update (10-26-09):

    Yoshi sold me a copy of the original PS2 Transformers game, and it arrived in great condition and quite quickly. I've been trading with him for almost 10 years, and he never disappoints.

  3. Update (12-22-09):

    Some Stupid Japanese Name and A Robot Bit Me both purchased TG-16 games from me, and they both paid with teh quickness! Great transactions with both!


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