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Thread: Melf's Friendly Trader Thread

  1. Update: (1-14-04)

    Another awesome deal from JeffMcC! The Mega Drive prints he sent me are going to look incredible framed in my game room. Thanks Jeff!

  2. Update: (1-17-04)

    Xeno Gigas is a great seller who's true to his word. Thanks for the excellent transaction!

    Update (1-17-04):

    Nomi is honest and trustworthy. Buy her stuff! I will gladly buy/sell/trade with her again.

  3. thanks for the feedback
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  4. Whoops! Duly edited!

  5. Update: (2-11-04):

    Seven Force has hooked me up with some awesome Sega Geshapon! He is truly the Man in Japan and a great fella to do business with. A++ as always.

  6. Decided to post this here to leave the main post for ratings only.

    Trades starting 12-31-02:

    Great buyers true to their word.

    - SearchManX
    - Shin Johnpv

    Excellent sellers who I will definitely buy from again.

    - Sataro
    - Sqoon
    - Yoshi

    Props guys!

    EDIT (2-01-03):

    Add Baron to the list of great TNL sellers. He packed my EWJ 2 like a pro and gave speedy efficient service! Great communication too! A++

    Matt is a great trader who's true to his word and does among the most professional mods I've ever seen. Thumbs up!

    EDIT (2-26-03):

    Pacrappa is the man!

    He modded my AES and was very professional about it. He's a swell guy and a credit to this board.

    Buy his stuff!

    EDIT (3-07-03):

    Matt got me a great deal on some hard to find Genesis games. He's as trustworthy and friendly as they come.

  7. Update (2-24-04):

    PepsimanVSJoe is a trustworthy trader who gets his stuff out on time and exactly as described.

  8. Found in my first trader club thread:

    Brand (4-11-02)

    Very professional and very trustworthy.

    Shidoshi (5-18-02)

    Just completed another trade with Shidoshi. As always, it went smoothly and he fufilled his part of the deal exactly as he said he would.

    I can't recommend trading with Shidoshi enough. A++!

    007 (6-7-02)

    I just got my games from him today. They both work great, were packed nicely, and were timely shipped. He was also very friendly and answered all my emails. I'd do business with him again in a heartbeat.

    Sqoon (6-15-02)

    Another great transaction with this awesome seller/trader!

    Werewolf (7-8-02)

    Great guy and a great trader. Added some bonuses he didn't have to and it just shows his coolness.

    GameFreak (7-19-02)

    Responsible trader who's items are top notch! Golden Axe was practically mint

  9. Update (3-5-04):

    Shinjohnpv is a trustworthy buyer who got his payment out very quickly and maintained great communication. A++!

    Kraftworks is a great person who got his payment out on time as well and was cool enough to include a little bonus! Will definitely do business with again!

    Neoalphazero: Fast payment, very friendly, and included a cool Gunbird card (I must know where he got it!). What else could you ask for in a buyer?

    Kudos to all of you!

  10. Update (3-8-04):

    Capt. Vegetable hooked me up with a minty fresh copy of Cosmic Smash and was also cool enough to include a bonus. Mad props to him and my highest recommendation. A++

    Matt....what can I say? Always a pleasure to deal with. Always comes through with flying colors. One of the best traders around, period.

    Mzo paid promptly and was most friendly. Another reason why TNL is a great place to trade.


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