Hiya guys I'm currently auctioning a whole bunch of GBA games and 2 PS2 games on eBay right now, and the bids are all pretty low right now as we speak. ALL GAMES (but one) ARE COMPLETE WITH BOX & INSTRUCTIONS AND IN MINT CONDITION!!! Here's a link with a list of all auctions I'm having right now:


The auctions all end in about 2 days and 8 or 9 hours from now. I have extremely high feedback, +192, and have done a whole bunch of deals with people here on the forums and on GameTZ as well, you know I'm trustworthy. Please bid away.

Oh, and just to note, because I'm moving off to a University shortly, I'm afraid I don't have any time to wait for payments to arrive by mail. So as it states on the pages this is a PAYPAL-ONLY SALE!!! PLEASE DON'T BID UNLESS YOU'RE PLANNING TO PAY BY PAYPAL!!!

Thanks peeps!