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Thread: DVD, Dreamcast, Playstation Games for Sale

  1. DVD, Dreamcast, Playstation Games for Sale

    Ok, I really didn't want to have to sell my games...but my car is really screwed up and I need some cash so I figured I might get some from this stuff. I'd prefer to sell bundles instead of one at a time but either way is fine...Post here, e-mail, pm, or get in touch with me on AIM (NeomegaCloud). Also I don't have PayPal so I would prefer Cashiers Check or Personal Money Order (basically same thing) which you can get at your bank. If you send a Personal Check I will have to let it clear first.

    EDIT:I realized this stuff wasn't going to sell at what I wanted out of it so here are some better prices I think...all prices listed include shipping. Titles listed in red have been sold.

    Resident Evil $12
    X-Men $15

    Aerowings $8
    Sonic Adventure $8
    Trickstyle $5
    Vanishing Point $10 (also have steering wheel, that would cost quite a bit to ship though and would want $15-20 for it...)
    Vigilante 8 Second Offense $8

    PC: All for $25 or priced as marked
    Black and White $15
    Comand and Conquer Red Alert The Arsenal $5
    The Crystal Key $5
    Sonic And Knuckles Collection $5

    Armored Core: Master of Arena $13
    Front Mission 3 $18
    King of Fighters '99 $8
    Marvel Vs. Capcom $13
    Parasite Eve II $8 (disc 2 has some bad scratches, bought used, don't know if disc 2 works or not)
    Star Ocean $8 discs only
    Twisted Metal $10
    Wipeout 3 $5 disc only
    Vigilante 8 $8 (not original case, no back insert)

  2. I am interested in Front Mission 3 if its mint complete, lmk how much you are willing to sell for.
    I guess you've learned the benifit to waiting.
    I agree, they should give people like you something. Perhaps a kick in the balls would do nicely and make you slightly less retarded.

  3. Just wondering, how much for Twisted Metal...

  4. Front Mission 3 $30 shipped and Twisted Metal 4 $13 shipped? I didn't really have prices in mind which is why I said offer...

  5. Hmm, I'm interested in Vigilante 8: Second Offense for the Dreamcast... What's the cheapest you would let that go?

  6. $15 shipped for V8:2nd?

    Under normal circumstances I wouldn't even be selling these, and it is going to cost me $2,400 to fix my car

  7. anyone?

  8. I'll pass... I can get it for $12.99 at EB... I was just curious if you were selling it for a considerably cheap amount. Thanks though. ^_^

  9. #9

  10. ok, I added prices and went lower on the few offers that were there...


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