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Thread: 007 Nightfire Xbox... $34.99

  1. 007 Nightfire Xbox... $34.99

    SWEET! I was thinking of getting it but now I'll buy it for sure. Target has it on sale all week for $34.99. I'll just price guarantee it at work and then get another 10% off that. $31.99 sounds pretty damn good to me.
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  2. A good price for a solid, fun title. There's no excuse now.

    Edit: That wasn't clear at all (stop drinking at lunch, maybe?). The point: If you don't have it, and you enjoy Bond/FPS-light, get it now.
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  3. Well, I have Cube version, since it came out, and finally finished it last night. Overall is decent game, some very fun levels, and multiplayer is fun as well.

  4. #4
    Why doesn't anyone use the damned Discount thread..

  5. because I dont waste my days looking over previous threads.
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  6. I can't beleive I ate the whole thing.

  7. I saw a shitload of 007:NF for PC at Best Buy for only 20 dollars... I could hardly believe it. Although I don't know if it was a sale or not.

  8. Originally posted by EvilMog007
    because I dont waste my days looking over previous threads.
    ...cause it has never falling deeper than the middle of page 2?

  9. There should be a discount _board_. Searching through the bloated thread for bargains I might care about is a pain in the ass.

  10. I heard that PC version of NightFire is pretty bad, compared to console version

    No wonder no one wants to buy it.


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