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Thread: Toko Toko Trouble - Media Entertainment - Jpn PSone

  1. Toko Toko Trouble - Media Entertainment - Jpn PSone

    Puzzle game by Media Entertainment for PSone (Jpn). Out 20th Feb '03.

    No screenshots as yet

  2. Keep on truckin' little PSX!!

  3. 05pro has officially invaded, in other news.

  4. On Kyuiin's strength alone, "Media Entertainment" have become magical words in my brain. It's also refreshing to see a new PS1 game especially in the puzzling genre. As usual, I give thanks to 05Pro.


  5. There is a pic after all (courtesy of TekCadet). Hopefully it plays a bit better than it looks. As Pa says though, Media_E have come up with the goods in the past so it's still worth keeping an eye on.

    Pa, your thanks make it all worthwhile

    C_S, just a temporary invasion whilst TFP's down mate, I'll retreat soon.

  6. I meant that in a good way, of course. Stay awhile and make yourself comfortable.

    [I was able to get on the boards before... They seem to be down sporadically...]


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