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Thread: Gore Tourney to be held at E3

  1. Gore Tourney to be held at E3

    Take home a Voodoo Tremor PC!

    Anyone who's been to E3 knows that among the plethora of bright lights, attractive women, games and expensive food prices (5 bucks for a burger?!) - it's also the epicenter for freebies!

    DreamCatcher Games will be hosting a tournament for its FPS title, <b>Gore</b>, in which the winner will receive a fully configured VooDoo Tremor PC.

    DreamCatcher Games will be holding a single-elimination tournament featuring the highly anticipated FPS game — Gore. As of today, E3 attendees can sign up to be part of this competition at <a href"">DreamCatcher’s website</a>. Alternates can sign up onsite at E3.

    And while the victor gets to go home with a new rig, runner-ups won't be left empthy handed, as player will receive video and sound cards. Even if you managed to come in dead last (read: you suck)...don't worry, all participants will receive complimentary, limited-edition <i>Gore</i> T-shirt, among other cool freebies.

    I don't imagine Reno (or System-Zero's Mina) will be you all stand a chance!

    Good luck to all in advance!

  2. Too bad Gore is terrible



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