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Thread: XRGB 2 for sale

  1. XRGB 2 for sale

    XRGB2 (not 2+), Saturn, SNES, and Genesis cables, still with the box and manual - anyone interested? The XRGB2+ is, in a few ways, subpar for older systems - for instance, I haven't been able to get good Genesis output from the XRGB2+, whereas the Genesis looks fantastic on the XRGB., my IM is "UA Stone"

  2. If I have an RGB monitor, is there any reason why I would need this?

    Is the quality better than RGB?

    Anyway... how much?

  3. No, probably not, if you have a RGB monitor. It's a way for you to get a RGB signal through VGA - basically like the Dreamcast's VGA box, except it works for most systems. Other systems' VGA boxes translate S-Video or Component signals, which creates a pretty horrid picture.

    The effect the XRGB2 has on Saturn and Genesis games is pretty stunningly fantastic - I don't know anyone who has been disappointed with it.

    As far as cost, I don't really know - it's pretty difficult to find XRGB2s. NCSX sells new XRGB2+s for $250 - I don't know what a suitable used price would be, haven't been any on EBay recently. Cables are about $20-$30, if you can find them.

  4. Once you figure out your selling price, please let me know.

    I suck at making price offers.

  5. I'd take probably around $250 for it, shipped (with all of the cables), depending on whether I have the SNES cable or not (I'm not 100% sure...I know I have the Dreamcast, Saturn, and Genesis cables). That'd be at least $50 knocked off the retail price of a XRGB2+, which seems like a fair deal to me, since the XRGB2, I think, is better than the XRGB2+.

    It's also been pretty hard to find Genesis cables, and the RGB benefits for the Genesis are amazing.

    Oh, also, 88 (or anyone else interested) - I won't be able to ship it for about a week and a half (when I get back to school.)

  6. I'm interested..umm

    I haven't been able to get good Genesis output from the XRGB2+, whereas the Genesis looks fantastic on the XRGB.
    Just wondering, how big of a difference is the quality you see between XRGB2+ and XRGB2? And does the XRGB2 work well with newer consoles?

  7. I can't drop that much loot right now, no matter how much I would like to.

    Good luck with your selling.

  8. Originally posted by Valgar
    I'm interested..umm

    Just wondering, how big of a difference is the quality you see between XRGB2+ and XRGB2? And does the XRGB2 work well with newer consoles?
    The XRGB2 works with the PS2, through RGB. The Xbox and Gamecube don't have easy-to-acquire RGB connections, and aren't usable with the XRGB2 (unless you want to play with S-Video, but that's kind of a waste of time).

    The Gamecube (and only the Gamecube, I think) can be connected through the XRGB2+'s special D-video connector, which I think gives a very good picture. The XRGB2 doesn't support D-Video.

    The XRGB2+ also has a component connector, which the XRGB2 is lacking, but the picture that comes from that is pretty horrible - the XRGB2+ does not support progressive scan. There was really no reason to use the component connector at all - I thought the Xbox looked better connected through S-video than it did through the component connector.

    The 'point' of the XRGB, though, really, is for playing older stuff, the SNES and all of the Sega consoles. If you play many Genesis games, your jaw will drop when you see what the console can produce when you're looking at it over RGB. The same effect happens with the Saturn, basically, and it's really easy to tilt a computer monitor (for vert shooters). It's also a nice way to consolidate your desk if you've got your consoles near your/a PC.

    As far as the picture goes, it's hard to say - the XRGB2+ just looked kind of off in general to me. I couldn't get the Genesis RGB to work properly, and that was really important to me.

    The pass-through quality of the XRGB2+ was particularly poor for no apparent reason (you can connect your PC to the XRGB2/2+ and then the XRGB2 to your monitor, so you can easily switch between the PC and your consoles).

    I can tell you that I sold my first XRGB2 in anticipation of the XRGB2+ coming out. Within days of buying the XRGB2+ for $250-something from NCSX, I had the XRGB2+ on EBay and I had to spend too much on a XRGB2 I found.

    Thanks 88mph, also - if you get a chance in the future, I'd really recommend looking for one, they're fantastic (particularly for the Genesis, can't stress that enough). The only reason I'm selling mine is because I've been playing PC games almost exclusively, I need a new video card, and I can't really afford it without selling something else.

    If you've got any other questions Valgar, feel free to ask.

  9. There's not much point getting an XRGB-2 if you've already got an RGB monitor. In most cases, the picture you'll get from the XRGB isn't nearly as good.

    All 3 current systems will work through the XRGB-2. The Xbox and PS2 both have normal RGB output, and cables are available. Xbox cables are very difficult to get (I'm the only person I've ever seen selling them), but PS2 cables aren't hard to find.

    The Gamecube can output RGB, via a specially modified component cable. It works nicely through the XRGB-2, and with progressive-mode games you can get real VGA out of it - the XRGB isn't needed at all for these. The downside is that, since an official Nintendo component cable is required for each RGB cable, they're pretty expensive.

    I do have Gamecube, Xbox, and PS2 RGB cables for sale (and Genesis, SMS, SNES, Saturn, DC, Jaguar cables, etc). But, this isn't my FS thread

    $250 is pretty steep, though! Generally the going price for a used XRGB is somewhere between $165 and $200. Since you have the cables thrown in, you can probably get by with asking $200 or slightly more, but I doubt you'll find a buyer at the current price.

    - Matt

  10. Hm, I wasn't aware of all this stuff - I can say that I'm surprised Matt thought $250 was a low price...just a few months ago, I paid more than $250 for the stuff I've mentioned. Nonetheless, I guess I'd take $200 or so too, whichever. I'm really just trying to clear space, sell something so I can justify purchasing a new video card.

    Actually, now that I'm aware that I can find Xbox (and Gamecube) cables that are usable with the XRGB, I'm going to keep the XRGB2, what the hell. Thanks for reading.


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