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Thread: Ashen Victor's Feedback Thread

  1. Lhadatt = not Luke

    after reading all that crap about Luke being a fraud, i've come to the conclusion that Lhadatt is better than him.

    item: Klonoa 2 NEW!!1! R@RE AND SEALED!!!11 L@@K1!!
    price: $25 w/ shipping

    transaction went smoothly and without a hitch. game came as advertised with tender loving care, replies were quick and friendly. we are now the best of friends (ok, that didn't happen). if you don't fear the reaper, than don't fear Lhadatt. it was great doing business with him. no really, it was!

  2. Thank you Ashen. ^_^

    Ashen Victor is also one not to be feared in business. Payment was sent quickly and in convenient form. I would not hesitate to do business with him again.


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