Can there be a Virtua Fighter Heaven?

Sega revealed today that they're planning to hold a Virtua Fighter Expo in Shibuya from April 27 - May 6. Reportedly, the event will be held at the High-Tech Sega location in Shibuya, with free admission for the duration of the expo. Nearly all chapters in the series including Virtua Fighter, Virtua Fighter REMIX, Virtua Fighter 2.1, Virtua Fighter 3TB, Virtua Fighter Kids, and Virtua Fighter 4 will be available for visitors on 50 playable kiosks. In addition, Sega plans to hold tournaments at the venue for several different age groups. Development team members from Sega's AM2 subsidiary, responsible for the Virtua Fighter series, will be on hand throughout the expo to answer questions and participate in the festivities. Sega is expected to announce similar Virtua Fighter Expo events in Osaka later this spring.

Source: XenGamers