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Thread: Zoku Segare Iriji - Jpn PS2 - Question

  1. Zoku Segare Iriji - Jpn PS2 - Question

    Does anyone have any 1st hand experience with this one?

    Any help gratefully received. Thanks in advance.

  2. Never heard of it. But it's nice to see you around TNL, 05pro.
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  3. Lo Sleeveboy. I was around for a bit last week when TFP was down. When I was on then I noticed that pretty much every US/Canadian/overseas contributer to TFP is a regular here so I thought I'd come back on for a nose about.

    You got my hopes up when I spied the reply to this thread but I'm yet to get any 1st hand impressions. I'd take the risk on it if I found it but it's hardly a priority buy for me at the mo'

  4. I have an old issue of Famitsu with this featured. The art style is really fucking ugly, I don't see why you're considering this one mate.

  5. It looks pretty bright, colourful and bizaire.

    It's a puzzle game.

    It's something different.

    So many of the games I've taken risks on in the past have paid off in a big way (Oh No, Ore no Ryori, Genji Tsushin Agedama, Silhouette Stories, Harmful Park, etc, etc) This could be the next to join the list.

    As I say it's hardly a priority for me so I'm trying to get as much info on it as possible just now to determine whether it should move up or down the list.

  6. Fair enough. I'd get some magazine scans done for you but all my stuff is at home, sorry. Didn't look like it was up to much though.

  7. Cheers Sidez, I'll look forward to the scans as I can't find anything much on this one at all. Maybe it will be rank but at least we'll know for sure if someone gets the chance to play it for themselves.

    I really don't want the Jap PS2 to go the same way as the PSone where 99% of the people out there seem to know virtually nothing about the best games available on the system and judge it solely on the pap that gets released in the West. The only way to really find those hidden gems is to try them them for yourself and then pass the info on to others as not too many people seem to be doing enough of this. Most are happy to play it safe at all times.

    Ultimately it's us as Jap import gamers living in the West with no print coverege of the scene and an internet that can tell you what games are rare but not which ones are actually worth buying who suffer in the long run.


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