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Thread: Tokimeki Memorial Music Video Clips: Impressions

  1. Quit being a lawyer

    cute box art!!!

  2. "It certainly wasn't edited to misrepresent the post in anyway. Please provide the official title of the import and it will be updated."

    I never thought it was mate, just a misunderstanding. I'll stick more ridgidly to TNLs style of thread titling in future. Just a quick question though; if I write reviews for systems not covered in the above icons eg, PC Engine, Mega Drive, Super Famicom etc what icon would you like to get used?

    Back to the game though...

    I've played it a bit more now and have unlocked a couple of the videos. My initial impression that there would be a few small clips to unlock for each girl which would combine into a longer video appears to be wrong. It looks like each girl only gets the one video (the 2 I've seen have both been about a minute or so in length) which gives the game even less replay value than before. The videos themselves are good enough, of the ones I've seen, one of them is quite romantic, the other is more of a knockabout comedy. The quality is decent enough as is the music. It won't blow anyone away but as it's primarily aimed at fans of the series they'll enjoy them as I assume they're original animations designed purely for the game?!?

    My overall view of the game basically remains the same. Those who love Tokimeki games will enjoy it because of the series the game's based on. Those who are looking for a mini-game collection should look elsewhere (Bishi Bashi series, Party Game series, Mini Moni Dice de Pyon, Gatchroku) and those who want a Circus Charlie tribute would be better off buying Konamis 80's Arcade Gallery and playing the original circus game on that, as it's still great fun to this day.

    Thanks for the feedback, appreciated.

  3. 05pro: Rigid. (no comment). Moving on, for now you can use the "newspaper" icon for lack of a more appropriate selection. In the near future, we may provide additional icons (these were developed by the original HTML designer of the site).


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