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Thread: Consoles in anime and manga

  1. Consoles in anime and manga

    Being a console gaming fiend I can't help noticing when a console, especially one I recognize, appears in an anime. Here's the ones I remember off the top of my head:

    Magical Project S - A nintendo 64, though when Sasami's mother is playing it, the sounds it makes are from the original Donkey Kong.

    Mihoshi Special - Super Famicom among the other junk seized from Ryoko's hideout. Probably due to the Tenchi game released around that time.

    Neia_7 - Super Famicom again, though the games don't look like anything that was ever on the system. Some classic arcade cabs as well with a very Tekkenish game on one.

    Love Hina (manga) - Su wears a dreamcast on her head on several occasions, probably due to the two Love Hina dreamcast games.

  2. Evangelion - Asuka plays Sega Saturn a few times during the show. The fact that Sega sponsored the show probably helped that along a bit.

    GTO manga - Quite a few accurate references are made to Playstation games (RE2, FF7, Parappa)...there's even one panel depicting a 'screenshot' from Parappa. One character has a PSX in his room, and he and Onizuka have a go on it. Also, there are a bunch of arcade games that seem like parodies of existing ones, Tekken especially.

  3. GOT anime has Onizuka playing PS quite a few times. Ape Escape is shown in one episode.

  4. Love Hina manga- in vol. 14(the last one) Naru wants Keitaro to win her a PS2 from a carnival.

  5. Wasn't there a Playstation in Cowboy Bebop? In that old man's tent there's one shot where you can see a bunch of crap strwen about. One thing looks like a PSX.

  6. Let's not forget Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai!
    In one episode, there's a stack of consoles, like a ZBox and a pink Gamecube...


    Heh. I love that commercial in ep. 23 of Bebop.

    Though not anime, there was an episode of Powerpuff Girls in which the Mayor played Ocarina of Time.

  8. Originally posted by Gongos
    in flcl i think there was a psx with ex written on its lid in black marker or duck tape in ep 2. Devil hunter yoko had a sfc i think.
    Duct tape. It's for "ducts" that wind passes through, not for "ducks" that say "quack, quack."
    Quote Originally Posted by Drewbacca View Post
    There is wisdom beyond your years in these consonants and vowels I write. Study them and prosper.

  9. Fushigi Yugi - scene in an arcade with Virtua Fighter

    Originally posted by Captain Vegetable
    Duct tape. It's for "ducts" that wind passes through, not for "ducks" that say "quack, quack."
    But there is also Duck brand duct tape


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