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Thread: The Offical Wolfs Rain Thread

  1. Neo-Geo The Offical Wolfs Rain Thread


    Get it here ep3..

    I think i will updated this one when theirs a new ep released.. since people seem really intrested in this show..

    Another great group.. And the file size is amazing only 120 megs.. again no Animejunkies links.. they suck big time.. they make up most of the conversations they supposedly translate..

    EDIT... since its over. i guess if people want to talk and shit..

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I know what I'll be doing tomorrow

  3. Downloading now, watching tommorow. Thanks Maruchan!
    Never under any circumstance scrutinize the mastication orifice of a gratuitous herbivorous quadruped.

  4. Thanks Maruchan!

    Definately better and far more interesting then the initial episode. I still think Tsume looks horrible in that getup, but it might grow on me with time. Having our Spike-alike also possess 1337 stealing skills didn't do too much to persuade me from Hige being stylied after our Bebop friend.

    Now I really want see to the third, unlike the first not really making me want to see the second. I'm not really surprised about that, seeing as how when I watched the first DVD of Bebop it didn't seem like it was going to be a good series until that last episode. A running trend with uninteresting beginnings...

  5. Seen it. Okay ep, kickass opening theme.

    Hopefully Ein will make a cameo somewhere...

  6. do people see a bebop in this? becasue i really cant see it.. Hell i keep on thinking more of Rahxephon.. especiallyw with the doctor looking exactly like a charcter from Raxhepon... and the enemys have a Raxhepon feel to it..

  7. Never ever get the crap from Animejunkies.. its pure shit..
    What exactly is wrong with them? I've gotten some episodes of Stand Alone Complex from them and they were fine...
    God is Rome

  8. This is some incredible stuff. Just saw the 1st ep and I'm hooked.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ex Ranza View Post
    Halverson had me totally convinced of Cybermorph's greatness, I'll tell you that much.

    Then I got a Jag, took it home, and something seemed... not right.

  9. Originally posted by Ichabod
    What exactly is wrong with them? I've gotten some episodes of Stand Alone Complex from them and they were fine...
    Put it like this check out the other groups.. Animejunkies are only out for glory,, they sub anything.. even if its licensed, and do a rush job.. Plus they dont translate from Japanese into English.. they go from Korean to English.. so their lossing translation between three langauages..

    But not to be hyprocite the only AJ serries that i download is gundam seed because they do it fast..

    But for anything else.. other groups do a 100x better a job..

  10. Well, Got vcd of original from Werewolf and liked it alot.

    Now, Will try to find the way to get EP2


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