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Thread: Road Rash

  1. Road Rash

    It's been awhile since I last played this game, but finding an old laserdisc arcade game called Star Rider online, helped pull me back into its world.

    So many memories like: knocking ppl off bikes in mid-air. Hopping over half a dozen motorcyclists to the finish line. The crazy finish line animations on the many different Road Rashes.The different bikes,the different levels, etc.

    I had all 3 on the Genesis and the one on Saturn. Too bad I sold them all

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    Road Rash is a pretty cool series. The first game was especially impressive considering the Genesis hardware. The 3DO and PS1 games were good but they didn't captivate me like the Genesis ones.

    I would love to see a new game in the series.

  3. I'd put that one under classic. I played the hell out of those games. Anyone else remember EA's Skitchin? I'd like to see another one of those. Probably wouldn't buy it though.

  4. i was addicted to the gamegear version for a while.. go figure.
    MK2 on XBLA plz - let the unfolding of gameplay begin!!

  5. Road Rash 2 / 3 were pretty good. I enjoyed 2 the best. Road Rash on 3DO was fantastic...but by the time it hit the Saturn/PS2, it lost some of that magical flavor. This is a franchise that I'd love to see return back to its classic glory!

  6. I always preferred the pseudo-spinoff Skitchin'.

  7. I still enjoy a game of the first two Road Rash games on Genesis every now and then Part 3 of the series just felt weird, I couldn't explain it. The first playstation installment (Which if Im not mistaken, was just the 3DO version) was pretty awesome, which is something I can't say for the 3-D ones =X

    I'd be so down for the series to make a come back =D
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  8. was a 3DO "port", and it was pretty crappy at that.

  9. There's a game coming out that's apparantly a spiritual successor to Road Rash. I think I saw a few screens of it in the latest PSM. I ca'n't remember the title of it though. I've always enjoyed the Road Rash games for the Genesis. The 3DO rendition was great, the Sega CD port (in the loosest meaning of the world) totally sucked ass. Road Rash 3 was the best in the series, Road Rash 3D was the worst. I wouldn't mind seeing EA make a GBA Road Rash using the original game engine. Hell, they could just re-release Skitchin' and I'd be happy.
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  10. All the RR's on PSX were sad One was a port from the 3DO version (which had almost commited me to buy a 3DO before actually playing it). The first 2 Genesis RR's were fantastic while 3 was so-so. There's a PC one too and I think it's the same as the 3DO/PSX version. In any case, seldom has so great a game as Road Rash beed so royaly fucked up. I also enjoyed Skitchin'.

    RR2 was my favorite for the record. I took the game pretty seriously, and I thought it was really cool that if you beat-up Natasha in the game she'd get pissed off at you after the race. I always tried to maintain some level of diplomacy with the other computer players One thing always botherd me though... for such as challangeing racer, why did they NEVER show who Viper was? That I thought was wierd.

    Remembers the names of the computer players to this day


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