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Thread: Win a BMW at E3!

  1. Win a BMW at E3!

    Enter an win a 2002 BMW Z3 and a trip for two to E3.

    Wanna drive like an IES agent? How about attending this year's E3? If so, Midway can make it happen. In conjunction with its promotion of the GameCube edition of <b>Spy Hunter</b>, Midway is giving you the opportunity to win a 2002 BMW Z3 roadster AND win a trip for two to this year's E3!

    To enter, simply go to, click on register and complete the form. Then, on May 6, winners will be selected - and on lucky gamer will be sportin' some hot wheels and will travel to Los Angeles for one of the biggest gaming expos of the year!

    Five 1st prize winners will win a Nintendo GameCube and a copy of SpyHunter. Everyone else...well, you receive the satisfaction of knowing that you could've won...

    Don't delay, the last date for entries is May 4, 2002 - so visit the Midway "Win a Z3 @ E3" website and register today!

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  2. hrrumph

    Residents of New York are not eligible to participate in the Sweepstakes.
    what, you can't give away cars in NewYork?!?

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    Andy787 Guest
    Wow, Midway has the balls to promote the GC port of Spyhunter? If I were them I'd be ashamed to have published it

  4. Re: hrrumph

    Originally posted by el dodo

    what, you can't give away cars in NewYork?!?
    Eh? That's gay, maybe they think we have too many BMWs

  5. Those bastards... NY rocks!!!

  6. damnit...time to use my aunts address in florida

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    Those cheap bastards, they should give out a Z8!

  8. I'll enter, what the heck. Besides, I said 'no' to the e-mail solicitation so hopefully there will be no forthcoming spam
    omg TNL epics!


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