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Thread: Beat Takeshi to direct and star in Zatoichi film!

  1. Beat Takeshi to direct and star in Zatoichi film!

    While I've never seen a Zatoichi film, I'm still excited to see Beat bring the pain as a samurai. IFC shows Zatoichi movies every Saturday, so I'm going to catch the next one they show.
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  2. I found Brother to be really boring. BR...blew me away.

  3. Takeshi Kitano is reponsible for making my all-time favorite movie, Fireworks aka Hana-bi.

    ...Although it doesn't sound like he'll be writing or directing this one from that article. Oh well, should still be interesting to watch.

  4. Brother was too long for it's own good I agree, he was still badass in it though so I thought I would mention it

  5. I agree that Hana-bi was a great film.

    I also not a biggest Brother fan. It had its moments, but didnt worked for me.

    Kitano was excellent in BR.

  6. Brother is definitely the worst Kitano movie. Luckily, it's the only bad one. My favorite is Kikujiro.
    God is Rome

  7. Can someone give me a recommendation for the next movie starring him I should track down?

  8. Try one of these

    Violent Cop
    Fireworks (Hana-bi)
    Getting Any?
    Battle Royale Uncut PAL R0 Release
    Brother Uncut Japanese R3 Release
    Boiling Point

  9. A Scene At The Sea is an excellent movie directed by him.
    God is Rome

  10. Thanks for the suggestions both of you I think I will go with Violent Cop first


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