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Thread: What happened to the Feedback board?

  1. What happened to the Feedback board?

    Nick's anger level is rising, somebody do something.
    God is Rome

  2. It was wiped clean.

  3. The staff and moderator boards are tidied up from time to time, which I have no problem with. The suggestions board is slightly different, but, really, who's going to go back six pages to read old board problems? Relevant questions should be incorporated into the Board FAQ anyway.

    That said, if anyone messes with the gaming or other discussion boards, they will have one pissed-off paladin to placate.

    Hm. Now that I look at it, there does seem to be some kind of nine-month pruning in effect. Wonder what that's about?

  4. But... but... there was a thread that I could direct people in there whenever they called me homophobic.

    Oh well.

  5. Why is it still impossible to post threads, though?
    God is Rome

  6. Cuz they don't want you complaining about anything...
    Well that's like, your opinion, man.

  7. Nick: Has it really been nine months?

    To reiterate Nick's theme - the Feedback/Troubleshooting board has been cleaned up (and we've also update the FAQ, which now has a direct link to our general board criteria and guidelines).

    Ichabod: I had a sea of PC troubles which complicated some background administration the other day and unfortunately I had completely forgot to look over the permissions after I logged off for the evening. You should fine now, but if there's something not right, let us know.

    Omnigear: No, that's not it - unfortunately

    Note regarding email via board: It's come to my attention that the board software is "acting up" so existing members usually are unable to get their password or new persons can log on. It's been said that optonline and AOL members are the only ones affected since they use proxies that are assigned to dial-up users in a certain region. It's still being investigated as to how we can alleviate the situation. For now, if you know of anyone who's affected by this, please have them contact an administrator for additional assistance. ^_^


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