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Thread: So what can we say and not say in a Review?

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    +10 cool points for burgundy after that remark which had me waking people up at 5 AM because I was laughing too hard.

    Me like, me like. It's 5 AM. I'm tired. Quack quack. *forgets the reason for posting* *goes away*

  2. This thread made me laugh twice.

  3. Originally posted by Gongos
    masters, matt, all the jeremy haters, how about you just dont read his reviews??? i know some posters here i dont agree with,and gain nothing from reading their threads, so i dont open them, unless i missed the link that said to access reader reviews, you have to read jeremy's threads, then possibly a live and let live approach would be more conductive to your enjoyment.
    How about you just don't chime in on this thread?


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